LANACOS: residential language courses abroad

Language Courses for Pleasure

 Andale! What ae you waiting for? 

Literally or metaphorically speaking, this is your chance to get on your horse and start doing what really matters - language courses abroad with a difference.

So many individuals procrastinate or feel that no one listens to their concerns. At LANACOS, we are so different.

Whether you are young or old, certain courses, types of accommodation and cultural/sporting activities will be more suitable. There will be locations ideally suited to your needs while others may be totally inappropriate.

Think about what you want to do, contact LANACOS, listen to our expert advice and consider your tailored options.

Find below a small resume of what is on offer. Remember LANACOS specialises in the main European languages plus Mandarin and Japanese.

Language and cooking is a very popular combination to do. One can participate throughout the year and is particularly apt for Spanish, Italian, Chinese and French cuisine. 

   "It was organised well, to time and professional"

 As well as these activities on can combine language learning with:

  • sport (e.g football, swimming, golf, horseriding)
  • art, culture and history
  • martial arts
  • volunteer work
  • sailing
  • dance




"The standard of teaching and course organisation was excellent. The accommodation was superb as well."

 Look below and contact LANACOS with your ideas, we truly offer a bespoke service.



Notes & Special features


Check Availability with LANACOS











2 weeks French in Paris
52 contact lessons; verbal communication is key to the success of the programme i.e. learning to listen and understand, to express oneself correctly with good received pronunciation. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Free wifi. B&B single room with option to go half-board or hotel






4-week course in South of France
20 lessons per week focusing on fluency plus accommodation in individual room in B&B accommodation.












2 weeks in University Spanish Town
30 contact lessons for linguistic fluency i.e. speaking, listening, understanding and interacting in mutinational groups. The aim is to express oneself correctly. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Learning materials are included. Single room in a self-catering apartment.






2-week Budget Course in Andalusia
40 lessons on conversation practice - 13 nights in student apartment (twin room). Walking tour, summer supplement and materials included. Summer supplement of 7 Euros extra per day.


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