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Terms & Conditions

LANACOS organises and acts as agent for overseas bodies which offer and supply clients (students, individual or groups) with tuition and/or accommodation for receptive or emissive language courses. LANACOS Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales with registered number 4473739 at the address High Street, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent.

LANACOS as agent effects all bookings and reservations for students and, at its discretion, intercedes without charge on behalf of students who may become involved in a dispute with any persons or bodies in connection with any matters arising, provided, however, that LANACOS shall not thereby be liable or become liable in any way in connection with any such matters. The company reserves the right to change prices to reflect currency exchange rate fluctuations.

The student is defined as the person who has signed this form for a receptive or emissive language course (or if under age, a parent, group leader or person in loco parentis of such person).

Only once the deposit and/or full fee has been received for the course and/or accommodation, the following terms and conditions shall apply between the parties:

1. This agreement is legally binding when the registration/order form is completed and signed by the student (or group leader in the case of the group exceeding 3 persons) and the agreed deposit has been received by LANACOS .

2. English law shall apply to this agreement.

All fees will be refunded, except for a deposit of �100 (individual) or �150 (group), when a cancellation is made 4 weeks before the start of the course. No refund will be made thereafter.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement and excluding legal obligations or liability on its part, in the event of a complaint by a student against an overseas body in connection with its preferred course or associated accommodation, LANACOS will do its utmost to rectify the situation to the reasonable satisfaction of the student, provided that such a complaint was notified both verbally and in writing to the appropriate persons within a 3-day period from the moment the incident takes place.

1. Non-refundable deposit of 100 GBP (individual) or 150 GBP (group) per paying student
2. Balance to be paid at least 40 days prior to arrival date
3. 100% cancellation charge within 4 weeks of arrival date
4. Prices subject to change if final numbers change (groups)
5. LANACOS reserves the right to cancel the registration. A full refund will be made to the student.
6. LANACOS acts as an intermediary in bringing about a direct link between participant and language centre. It does not change brochure prices. Sometimes we rely upon information given by the centre and past participants. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure the best stay possible, we cannot accept responsibility for any defaults, accidents or injury. Clients are recommended to buy their own travel insurance (which LANACOS can provide) before leaving their home country to cover loss of fees in case of accident, illness, theft, delays, etc.

Signed _________________________      Date _____/_______/______
(By learner/parent if learner under 18/group leader):

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