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Language Courses for Teachers

Comenius and ERASMUS+ provide a European window of opportunity in staff training by enabling teachers and other staff involved in education to take part in training courses abroad.

"I liked the efficiency of application process - and ease!"

An added benefit is that courses are multi-national. This brings further opportunities for the exchange of ideas and approaches with the possibility of finding partners for further international collaboration. There is a wide range of professional development courses on offer in Spanish, French, German, English, Italian and Portuguese. Most teachers go for 1 to 4 weeks. If you work for adult education rather than a school please inform us as funding is different.

"My stay was better than I could have imagined.  The course and the staff were amazing at the language school and I have returned determined to encourage my pupils to get themselves on something of this sort. I personally would go on something of this nature every year! Learnt loads, lots of useful tools for my teaching, had great fun."

Funding for European Professional Development Courses

The next Comenius application forms for 2014 have strict deadlines and you need to apply at the latest to these dates:

  • December 2014 (courses starting from 1 March 2015 onwards)

The funding will cover course, accommodation, travel and subsistence. Schools can receive typically between 1,000 to 6,000 Euro per language project. Funding is available now. Contact LANACOS to discuss plans and preferred dates. We will listen to your requirements and guide you step by step through the process. Look below at the "snaphot" of teacher courses and school trips. There are more options and locations available and LANACOS will always listen to your needs so don't delay ..... CALL 01732 456543.



Notes & Special features






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2 weeks French in Paris
Specially designed for teachers with 42 hours contact time. Possible to do 1-4 weeks and add one-to-one sessions throughout the year. Course is advertised in the catalogue and is open to EU funding. B&B accommodation options with a specially- selected family half board or hotel.











2 weeks Spanish in Spain
Best for teachers (or future teachers) of Spanish as a foreign language for 1 to 2 weeks. 2 weeks includes 40 group lessons plus cultural activities plus individual lessons on new teaching techniques and materials. Different group proficiency guaranteed. Half-board lodging in a private home or option to go self-catering.






2 weeks in Italy
Great opportunity to learn/impove your language with a view to introducing the subject at your school for club or class. 40 group lessons plus individual lessons to make maximum progress in minimum amount of time. Options to stay shared self-catering, half-board in apartments.






2 weeks in the South of France
Easy access throughout the year. Extremely effective and enjoyable way to improve fluency and confidence. Maximum progress in a minimum amount of time. B&B accommodation. Options to stay in independent apartments, hotels or with hosts half-board.






Familiarisation trip to Europe
Marvellous opportunity to make a reconnaisance trip to a location. Time period varies from 2-7 days and includes flights and accommodation. Different times of year.






School group trips to Europe
Organised stay for 3-13 days (you choose), programme of linguistic content and activities specially-designed for age group. Accommodation in students residences, hotels or host families. Free group leader places included. Prices start from this amount and are calculated using local costs, size of group.






School trips to Latin America & Beyond
Organised stay for 6-13 days (you choose), programme of linguistic content and activities specially-designed for age group. Accommodation in students residences, hotels or host families. Free group leader places included.


Organised school trips from small to large groups
"Thank you. I like best your willingness to answer queries, knowledge of what was on offer. Outstanding programme of activities."


  • Familiarisation & reconnaissance overseas trips (2-3 days)
  • Work with ATOL Bonded agent for flights
  • Public Liability Insurance & risk assessments

If you want to discuss details and know more, then contact LANACOS here and now.

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